Sunshine Harvest at October Walk All Over Waterloo

Friday, October 5, 6:00-8:00 PM

Join us during October’s Walk All Over Waterloo for a free, family-friendly activity harvesting marigolds and dying sunny handkerchiefs to help carry us through the cold Cleveland winter! Last spring, Praxis Fiber Workshop planted a dye garden on E 156th St and populated the flower pots on Waterloo with left-over seedlings. All summer long we have watched these tiny seedlings grow into enormous plants and now they are ready to harvest. At 6 pm on the Tower Patio at 156th and Waterloo we will collect the marigolds and start the dye bath. After an hour of boiling, the dye will be extracted from the flowers and ready for fabric. At 7 pm we will have white handkerchiefs ready for you to dye. The fabric will take about an hour in the bath so you can enjoy live music on the Tower stage and gallery openings throughout the district while you wait. Free! All ages welcome!
  • 6 pm – Harvest the Marigolds and start the dye bath
  • 7 pm – Dye Handkerchiefs
  • 8 pm – Remove Handkerchiefs from the dye
Location: Tower Patio outside Waterloo Arts (E. 156th & Waterloo Rd)

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