Waterloo Arts Gallery Proposal Guidelines

The Waterloo Arts Exhibition Committee is currently seeking submissions for the 2019/2020 exhibition year. 

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 24, 2019, midnight.

The overarching mission of the Exhibition Committee is to make accessible, contemporary art and socially responsive models of art practice, reflecting the highest professional standards. The number of exhibitions varies from year to year with a certain number of shows originating from programming objectives and/or curation. The Exhibition Committee meets a minimum of once annually to review proposals. The Committee welcomes all proposals – performance, installation, social practices, object-based, etc. – representing contemporary creative practices. There are no restrictions on who can apply.

Please follow all guidelines. Incomplete or submissions that fail to follow the guidelines will not be reviewed. Please direct questions via email to the Exhibition Committee. Proposals are accepted or denied based on the review of the Committee in consultation with the Waterloo Arts Director. Waterloo Arts reserves the right to cancel an exhibition invitation for any reason.  

To Apply –

Compile the following into a single .pdf document. This document must contain the following information in the following order:

Artist Name(s):

Note – If you are applying as a team or collaborative please only submit one proposal.

Contact information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website (if available)

If you provide a website link in your contact information the committee may or may not review the site as part the process.

Proposal description:  150 words maximum.

In this section describe in literal and clear terms what you are planning. Be as brief as possible while still accurate.

Artist/Creative Statement: 250 words maximum.

This section is a statement about the concept or idea behind the show. For example, if you’re an individual artist and proposing an exhibition of a selection of works then this will be an artist’s statement. If you are proposing a social practices engagement, tell us the ideas and objectives behind the work. What do you want your audience to take away?

Work sample list:  

Please indicate if this is the work you are proposing to show or if these are samples similar to the type of work you plan to show.

This should be a numbered list of your work samples providing title, medium, size and year.

For 3D or 2D work, format captions as follows: Title, Media/Materials, Size in American measurements, Year.

For other types of work presented via video, explain if this is a performance or other type of work or if the video is the piece. Provide the runtime of the video or the performance, etc. Give only 1 or 2 sentences about each piece. No more than 60 words total per piece.

Work samples: 10 jpeg images inserted into the .pdf or 3 minutes total of video provided via link.

Video material should be edited and uploaded to a site like YouTube.

Before inserting the jpeg images, please format them so that they are no larger than 150 dpi, and 5 inches in any direction. Please no larger than 1 MB per image.

Review the checklist:

  • Artist name(s)
  • Contact Information
  • Proposal Description
  • Artist/Creative Statement
  • Work Sample List
  • Work Samples

Submit: Email the .pdf to submission@WaterlooArts.org

A follow-up email will be sent confirming we were able to access your submission.