Another Dumm Art Show?

There’s a place in Cleveland where cats of bizarre geometries hang with politicians, zombies, musicians and other singular characters (including the writer/creator of American Splendor, Harvey Pekar).

Gary and Laura Dumm have depicted all these beings and more in pen & ink and paint in their two-person art show at Arts Collinwood Gallery, 15605 Waterloo Road (216) 692-9500. The show’s opening reception, with treats and spirits, is October 9th from 6:00 pm till 9 pm. Gallery Hours: Thur-Fri 6-9, Sat-Sun 1-4pm. This exhibit offers the viewer a broad spectrum of techniques and sensibilities: from Laura’s lighter, funkified color approach in painting the feline to Gary’s ink drawings of blues people, cartoons and dark re-animated horrors. It can also be viewed during open hours for the adjoining Waterloo Cafe, then closes rather appropriately on Halloween.

Bring your imagination, a love of color (and black & white) and maybe a few “treats”, some of these beasties look hungry!

Contact the Dumms at 216-961-0230 for more information or email

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