Three drawn figures grow like flowers from a bed of grass surrounded by a cement berm. Each is a smiling head atop an individual flower stem.

What’s your story? Call for Storytellers!

A garden plot is more than a collection of plants. It’s a story told by its creator.

So what’s YOUR story? 

Maybe it’s a family recipe shared in a garden growing with its ingredients, or a native species garden that tells the history of a place. Could it be a pollinator garden that brings attention to the importance of bees? What about a lush olfactory experience associated with a loved one? Or maybe just a carefully selected combination of flowers that have significance in your life!

As part of The Green Palette, Waterloo Arts is looking for individuals and groups who are interested in telling stories through the public planter beds along Waterloo Road in Collinwood. Waterloo Arts will supply the support: the soil, the tools, a modest garden budget, and access to water. Talented Artist Leads and knowledgeable Community Garden Mentors will assist the Storytellers as they plant their ideas in their very own Story Beds. No gardening experience necessary! Storytellers will be supported throughout the process of selecting and preparing their plots, designing and planting the gardens, and sustained care and maintenance. Along with the support provided by Waterloo Arts, Storytellers have the opportunity to work with storefront partners and other Storytellers to grow and connect with the community around them. Storytellers can work individually or form small groups to work on beds together. The work starts in the spring and runs through the end of the growing season. 

If you’re interested in being part of the project, reach out and let us help you tell your story. Space is limited!

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