Waterloo Streetscape Community Meeting

We need your input!

Some of you are familiar with the Waterloo Streetscape design that was vetted at meetings in 2007. (Didn’t see the concept drawings? A little fuzzy on what was proposed? Check out this PDF of the Waterloo Streetscape.

The city has recently come up with some money that will pay to have the build-out completed at the corner of E. 156 and Waterloo, and there’s some additional funding to pay for an installation on that site. We’re working to ensure that there’s a plan/process/funding for public art to be incorporated into the design for that space, but there’s a deadline looming and our response will have to be quick. So please join us for a meeting to discuss design considerations this coming week on:

Tuesday, May 26
at 6:30pm
in the Arts Collinwood Gallery
15605 Waterloo Rd

If you know of anyone who would be interested, and may not have received this message, please let them know about the meeting. If you can’t join us, or have thoughts you’d like to share in advance, please add your comments below.

Thanks for helping to shape a great arts district!

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