Waterloo Arts Fest Presents An Installation Workshop By Renowned Multi-Media Artist Debbie Apple-Presser


Multi-media artist, Debbie Apple – Presser uses recycled materials to make elaborate sculptures, festive “wearables”, and even insects.  Here’s what Apple-Presser has to say about her process, and how she came to using recycled materials in her art –

“All of my life I have been creating art from things found in nature or materials found around the house. One of my first creations was a cowgirl skirt, white fabric with black ball trim made from the kitchen curtains that my Mom was throwing out. I was six years old. When people look at my work closely they smile when they see recycled materials. I hope to keep reminding people that it is everyone’s job to save our planet.”

For the Ninth Annual Waterloo Artsfest, Apple-Presser, an artist educator at the Cleveland Museum of Art, has loaned her experitse to Arts Collinwood to carry out a workshop to decorate the Waterloo Tower at the Waterloo Arts Fest this Saturday.

The Tower also features a public art installation by Parade the Circle Founder, Robin Van Leer, Apple.  Workshop participants will be constructing flowers that will wind up the sides of the tower, and engulf it in a wild array of color and whimsy. Don’t take our word for it, this is definitely a great reason to stop by the Waterloo Arts District this Saturday for a festival experience that will delight and engage! With over 35 Art Vendors, 28 Art and Music performances, tons of arts and crafts – and a half dozen food trucks there will be something wonderful for the whole family. Plus its free!

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