Jace Lee and Tony Ingrisano, “Tiger, Tiger”; May 6th – June 18th, 2022

Tiger, Tiger
A Tiger Archive Project by Jace Lee and Tony Ingrisano
May 6 – June 18, 2022
Opening reception: May 6th, 6-9pm

Great art is like a tiger attack: all teeth.

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For the past year, visual artists Jace Lee and Tony Ingrisano have been in dialogue via spontaneous, inky depictions of tigers. The exchange ignited in March 2021 after Ingrisano gifted Lee a few drawings of tigers he had made in response to a set of tigers Lee was painting in her studio. The two maintained this casual call-and-response alongside their individual practices, crediting the project as a valuable exercise in “material, playfulness, serendipity, and most importantly, finding freedom and joy in the studio.” 

The number of tigers has now surpassed one hundred, and Lee and Ingrisano remain crafty and uninhibited in their exchange. Colorful striped cats showing teeth, showing pain, showing silliness and contentment, contorting their limbs, and wriggling in paint vibrate on the page, exploring states of being through form and color. Many of the tigers have only been shared digitally on the project’s Instagram page, @tigerarchive.

In spring, Waterloo Arts is excited to host the first physical document of Lee and Ingrisano’s yearlong conversation in whiskers, fur, and teeth. 

Tiger, Tiger opens on Friday, May 6th at Waterloo Arts Gallery (15605 Waterloo Rd) between 6-9pm. Following its opening Tiger, Tiger will be open to visit in-person on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12 pm – 4 pm until June 18th, and on June 3rd during Walk All Over Waterloo. To access the building via wheelchair accessible entrance, please email gallery@waterlooarts.org or call 216.692.9500 in advance of your arrival. 

Facebook event page (opening reception)

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Tiger Archive is a conversation in paint, ink, and tigers, initiated by visual artists Jace Lee and Tony Ingrisano.

Jace Lee (이주은) is a painter based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her practice is concerned with language and systems of organization, often translating information from one medium to another. Her paintings and drawings exist as a record of human desire for order, and the beauty that emerges from this process. Lee graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2021.

Tony Ingrisano is a visual artist whose work is concerned with abstractions of visual information and the relational veracity that is lost in transformation. Using land and transit maps, airport runways, electrical grids, infrastructure and architectural plans, infographics, etc. as a point of focus and departure, Ingrisano’s work pulls from extant non-verbal visual languages to create new ways of seeing and communicating. The resulting drawings and paintings sprawl across divergent subject matter, observe a deep reverence to color theory, and are rooted in process.

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