She Speaks Poetry Slam Night, Saturday, August 27th

She Speaks is Ohio’s only all women poetry slam venue and is back in full force for this month’s amazing show!  They will begin the night with a limited open mic list, so please arrive early to reserve your spot on it!

Following the open mic they will open up the microphone to all genders & ages for THE COVER SLAM. A Cover Slam is almost exactly the same thing as a poetry slam; however, in this slam you can ONLY read poems by other poets! Perform them, read them out of a book, be a cellphone holder on the mic – anything goes in this poetry slam!  The winner will get a special prize and AS ALWAYS She Speaks only announces prizes to the guest who attend their events!

Immediately after the Cover Slam, the She Speaks Cleveland qualifying slam for Individual World Poetry Slam 2011 (to be held right here in Cleveland Ohio!) will start. For more information on the rules and how to know if you’re eligible to represent for She Speaks Cleveland, please visit and click on the “Poetry Slam” tab! Earn points towards a spot at the She Speaks Grand Slam which will determine who will represent Cleveland’s All Women team at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam! For more information on poets who have already qualified and earned points, please “friend” Blaire Miller Bommer on Facebook and find her “note” on She Speaks Poetry Slam!


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