Science Redefining Art: Art Redefining Science Exhibit Opens May 3rd

Science Redefining Art: Art Redefining Science


Opening Reception May 3rd 6-9pm

Artist Lecture May 16th, 7pm

Biomedical Art is more than just the sign at the crossroads of art and science. It is the fusion of content and visual display of scientific information. The careful study of the minutiae of phenomena expressed through boundary-breaking art methods grounded on a foundation of tradition, convention, and communication.

The 2013 graduating Biomedical Art class at the Cleveland Institute of Art is inspired by the sciences such as anatomy, medicine, biology, anthropology, and zoology, among other diverse areas. Visually communicating these important concepts in a clear, refined manner is the goal of the Biomedical Artist. The CIA BMA students have interests and specializations ranging from educational game design, interactive mobile applications, stunning animations, sculptural exhibit design, as well as socially conscious and informational art as activism.

The students participating are:

Josh Maxwell
Derrick Nau
Jennifer Kerbo
Alyssa Oglesbee
Jeremy Miller
Mark Stradiot
Julianne Pasini
Carly Bartel
Carolyne O’Ryan



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