The Ohio Independent Film Festival May 18 – 21!

Shorts Program 3

Friday, May 20, 7 pm

Includes the films: The Games I Made Up, The Anchor, Tree of Forgetting, The Absence, Ela Velo Me Ver, The Birds Upstairs, Between the Shadows.

Feature Film

Friday, May 20, 9pm


Several lives are witnessed over the course of 80 years. Currency is a simple story about the complex questions we all ask.

Proceeded by: STREET HASSLE – Martin, a male prostitute, sits down with an interviewer to discuss his life. Through a series of flashbacks, we find out about his many betrayals.

Shorts Program 4: The Ohio Shorts

Saturday, May 21, 3pm-5pm

Ohio Shorts includes: Life Beyond Death, S.W.I.M., Pyromance, Somewhere in France, Holly Hype, Through the Woods Alice, The Walk, There’s Something About Goldie, The Approach.


Saturday, May 21, 1pm

One Revolution

Amanda Stoddard
TRT: 84:00
Tanzania / USA

‘I felt like this was my one chance’. One Revolution opens as dawn breaks atop Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Briefly, glimpses of the mountain frame Chris Waddell as he transfers to his specially designed handcycle.
If he makes the summit the world will know his message, if he fails he will be just another guy in a wheelchair.


Saturday, May 21, 5pm


LOCKED OUT is a David vs. Goliath story revealing how 560 unionized miners in the desert town of Boron, California faced off against their employer, Rio Tinto, a giant British-Australian multinational mining corporation, and won their rights to decent wages and benefits after being locked out of their jobs for 107 days and replaced by scabs. This is an inspiring story about a struggle of unionized middle class workers standing up to corporate greed. Preceded by FIGHTING FOR ANSWERS – This is the story of three families in the small town of Clyde, OH. Each has struggled with an as yet unexplained childhood cancer.


Saturday, May 21, 7pm
Murder Machine!
Rich Yarber
TRT: 84:00

‘Sometimes obsession can be taken too far.’ A psychotic drifter arrives in a small town and engages in a series of premeditated killings that serve to lure the town sheriff into a face to face duel to the death. The prize? The indisputable title of Murder Machine, the ultimate killer.

Saturday, May 21, 9pm

The Hellsworth Haunting

Laurie Hill gets a chance at a reporting job and takes on a murder case. She goes undercover at the mysterious Hillsworth Hall hoping to learn why suspect Steven Zabar killed two people and then himself. With help from paparazzo Jack Carter, she discovers the truth behind the killings and inadvertently unleashes a horrific curse.

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