Mirror, Mirror

October 4 – November 23

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Artists: Lane Cooper, Erin Duhigg, Amber Ford, Amber Kempthorn, Katy Richards, Nikki Woods

Organized by: Lane Cooper

A work of art is the product of an artist’s choices. Some decisions are conscious and considered while others occur far outside of the artist’s awareness. Embedded in the work are decisions that are a product of the artist’s lived experience. The work carries in both nuanced and profound ways the perspective of its creator.

Within the course of an exhibition, works that may otherwise have nothing in common but that they are held within the same, create a hum- an atmosphere of vibration as they reflect off one another. The flavor of one work lingers as the viewer moves to the next. The impression that the first work encountered creates, necessarily sets the stage for the next.

Within this exhibition, each of these artists allow us access to their interior worlds. We see through their eyes and what is revealed ranges from oneiric to timeless. At various turns the works are raucous, absurd, funny, or somber. None of these artists engages the world without commentary; each reflecting back a world reformed by their experience of it.



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