Memory External: Works by Matthew Gallagher & Michael Lombardy Opens on Friday October 6

October 6 – November 5

Opening Reception: Friday October 6, 5:00-9:00 pm

Closing Party: Friday November 3, 5:00-9:00 pm


Memory external is an exhibit of prototypical works and visual arts research by mid-town based artists Matthew Gallagher and Michael Lombardy. Each artist’s work represents different methods in which moments or memories experienced are recorded and reproduced. Being intrinsic to our construction of time, it is memory’s externalization as frozen moments that builds history, cultures, and our understanding of reality. 

Matthew Gallagher  

Matthew Gallagher, is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of Oberlin College’s studio art division.  He is the recipient of the 2013 AICUO Excellence in Visual Arts Grand Award as well as senatorial commendations in the visual arts from the States of Massachusetts and  Ohio.  Self-taught techniques drive his process.  More than ten individual bodies of work exploring magnetism, PVC chemistry, encaustic, sonic visualization, solvent dynamics and capillary action are currently in development, representing research in physics, materiality and generative processes in the framework of the visual and sonic arts.  Exhibits in Cleveland, Tampa and Chicago are planned for 2018.

“Paint and ink are fundamental tools for mapping self expression.  These mediums can also be used to map the expression of physical processes, presenting an alternative method to the tradition of understanding physics through mathematics.  The visualization of unseen physical forces drives the exploration of this work.  Electromagnetic, sonic, gravitational and chemical processes exist around us that are constantly experienced but remain invisible.  My mission is to deliver representations of these forces as art objects.  Many meaningful discoveries have been made through play and a willingness to engage with the physical world. These objects reveal properties of our environment that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent, and it is my hope that they empower people to experiment and play with their own surroundings.”

Michael Lombardy

Michael Lombardy is Visual Artist from Cleveland, Ohio, with a multi disciplinary practice primarily combining site specific installation, works on paper, and sustainably sourced clothing. He has a BFA in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art (2015) where he received the Frank N. Wilcox Award for Excellence in Printmaking. Lombardy has continuously shown throughout the region with select showings in Chicago and New York. He is a Resident Artist in Printmaking at The Cleveland Institute of Art and an intern for Zygote Press.

“The foundation of my work explores the use of symbols as a method for the storage and transmission of information. Through this device humans have been able to construct meaning (memory) for our spirituality. Across cultures the marks which have been used to express ideas have varied, but overarching themes and motifs have been universal. This archetypal pattern at its base level represents an energy that drives all life and is the soul that embodies the symbols I create. My intent for the work is to create a space in which the unknown overpowers, allowing for an experience of reflection that opens individuals to experience the archetypal without reference to a specific time, place, or culture. The symbolism and devices I use represent my own personal discovery of the concepts we have sought to define for millennia.”

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