Martha Ferrazza in the Gallery Oct 3

Friday, Oct 3
Artist Talk

Opening Reception
6pm – 9pm

The works in “Oleander” are inspired by a variety of narratives, either from Martha Ferrazza’s own life or from books she has read. Featured in each of the paintings are flowers that Martha Ferraza constructed prior to painting them. These flowers can be wild and beatific or stringent, even deadly, but they are never as they appear in nature. Ferrazza says, “Painting is the place for me that writing is for the fiction writer; I am the architect of each flower, of each image. As a series these paintings are like a book of miniatures writ large; an illuminated manuscript of what fascinates me, what I find distinctive, and what I love.”

Ferrazza, one of the founding artist of Waterloo Arts, painted her first mural at age 19 and continued to work as a decorative painter and a designer until moving to Oberlin in 2008. She earned a portfolio scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art, and spent one year there before moving to Cincinnati to study drawing and painting at the University of Cincinnati. She completed her degree at Cleveland State University in 1993, where she studied with the painter Ken Nevadomi and printmaker Marvin Jones. Come early to hear Martha Ferrazza discuss her inspiration and process in an artist talk prior to the reception.

Stroll down the street and visit the many other openings and events throughout the district’s monthly Walk All Over Waterloo. Then return to the Callaloo Cafe for a lively night of soulful music with Me Got Fire playing from 9pm-Midnight. No cover charge.

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