M4M (Music for Miles) Chamber Music Series

Chamber music comes to the Arts Collinwood Gallery and honors Arts Collinwood founder and friend, the late Miles Kennedy.  Miles and Nan Kennedy’s son, Simon and his wife Catharine are sponsoring this series.  The M4M Chamber Music Series begins on Sunday, October 16th at 4pm with a string performance by the International Composer Collective.  Visit this dynamic organization’s website at  www.intercompcollective.com for more information about the group led by composers, Tim Mauthe and Sam Cave.   The program will include the following pieces:

Breezes and Rogue Winds for Guitar Duo by Tim Mauthe

Robert Sharpe and Danny Rectenwald, guitars
7 minutes

Easter Music by Sam Cave
Satoko Hayami, piano
2 minutes

Three Movements for Solo Violin by Tim Mauthe
Anthony Bracewell, violin
18 minutes


The Dissection of the Angel’s Eye by Sam Cave
Ludek Wojtkowski, violin; Danny Rectenwald, guitar; Zack Zydek, bass
12 minutes

Toccata Kaléidoscopique by Calogero Panvino
Satoko Hayami, piano
9 minutes

Free Speeches by George Holloway
Michelle Abraham, violin; Tim Mauthe, viola; Schuyler Slack, cello;
Satoko Hayami, piano
7.5 minutes

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