2024 Holiday Co-op

Waterloo Arts is excited to host its 2024 Holiday Co-op in support of maintaining its thriving local arts community.
The co-op will be held from NOV 24 – DEC 22 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm – 7 pm. Artists who work a shift during the co-op will have their $30 table fee refunded. Waterloo Arts keeps a 30% commission on all sales. 


Working shifts for each Fri, Sat, & Sun: 

11:30 am – 3:30 pm

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Important Dates:

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 1 at 11:59 pm.  Be prepared to include your contact information, images of work and/or past market displays, price range, and type of wares to market. 

Notification of acceptance by end of day on Tuesday, October 15.

Payments for table fees due Friday, November 1. This confirms your participation in the event.

Drop-off & Set-up: Friday & Saturday, November 22 & 23 at the gallery from 12-4 pm 

+ Shift Sign-Up will occur at drop-off.

+ ***ALL goods are required to be tagged with the artist/studio name or initials, item, and price by drop-off period.***

+ Digital Inventory sheet also due by 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 23rd.

Pick-up of remaining wares will be Sunday, December 22nd from 7 – 9 pm, and Monday, December 23rd from 12 – 4 pm; any wares left unclaimed will be relinquished to Waterloo Arts on February 1.


Where does the Co-Op take place?
Waterloo Arts Gallery, 15605 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110

What does it cost to be a vendor?
Artists and vendors can apply for tables with the opportunity to have their fee refunded in exchange for staffing the shop. Upon acceptance, vendors will secure their space by paying the $30 fee. Additionally, Waterloo Arts will take a 30% gallery commission on all sales to cover operational costs. 

What else do I need to know?
Cash and credit transactions will be accepted through our Square POS. Artists/vendors will be paid their sales amount (minus the 30% gallery commission) after the close of the Holiday Co-Op.

All accepted vendors will be given 2 x 3 ft of table space. Only one table space is available per vendor. Wall space is also available. 

If you have additional questions or comments, please email jacob@waterlooarts.org or call (216) 692-9500. Thank you for your interest in the Holiday Co-op at Waterloo Arts!

FAQ for accepted participants

Q: How will I know where to put my things when I arrive for drop-off?
A: Tables are pre-placed in the gallery and vendors are assigned to tables ahead of the designated drop-off times. Upon arrival, please find the table labeled with your name and/or business and begin setting up! Limited table coverings will be available for you to borrow. If you cannot stay to install your wares, you may arrange ahead to leave all tagged products and display items in a box labeled with your name for Waterloo Arts staff to install. Please note that Waterloo Arts staff may make minor adjustments to table arrangements before opening shop to ensure that the shopper experience is seamless & spectacular.

Q: Will I be notified when I’ve sold items? How will I know when I need to restock my table?
A: Waterloo Arts staff will contact you when your table is beginning to look sparse. We will try our best to contact you ahead of the weekend to make sure you have time to get to the gallery! Our busiest weekends are opening and closing weekend, as well as the first weekend in December.

Q: Can I leave backstock for Waterloo Arts to restock my booth during the run of the sale?
A: Yes. You may store additional product in a box under your table.

Q: I have custom packaging for my items, and I’d like them to be boxed/bagged/wrapped in a certain way upon purchase. Is this possible?
A: If necessary, you may include custom packaging in your drop-off box. Please indicate which items the packaging is intended to be used for (ex. Only earrings need bags; Glass sculptures each have their own box; or Perfumes are to be packed in cloth pouch). We will keep these materials behind the register and inform scheduled clerks which items require custom packaging. You may alternately provide business cards, signage, or social media links at your table for guests to receive branded takeaways.

Q: All the shifts are filled/I can’t work any of the remaining shifts. Will I still be able to have my table fee reimbursed?
A: Once all shifts are filled, we will then open up the shift scheduler to accept more than one vendor per shift.

Q: If I’ve signed up for a shift, will I be provided with instructions on how to open shop, close shop, and make sales?
A: All vendors who schedule shifts will receive instructions detailing how to enter the building, how to navigate the Square POS on the iPad, where to find extra supplies, and who to contact in case of trouble. We will also print a quick reference sheet to place behind the checkout counter.

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