GuitarMania® 2012 Guitar Designs to be shown at the Arts Collinwood Gallery

Arts Collinwood Gallery is pleased to have been chosen to host the GuitarMania® 2012 designs that have been submitted by nearly 200 artists.  The designs will be viewed by sponsors at a private gala opening.  After that, the designs will be on view for the public from Friday, January 13 through Friday, February 3rd on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-11pm and by appointment.  Come and check ’em out!

About GuitarMania
GuitarMania® is a Greater Cleveland community public art project that has raised $2 million for its two benefiting charities – United Way of Greater Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s education programs. The project consists of large, 10-ft-tall Fender®Stratocaster® guitars creatively transformed into works of art by local artists and national celebrities. The guitars are displayed on the city streets of Cleveland for residents and visitors to enjoy from the end of May through October, 2012. Corporations, organizations and individuals sponsor the guitars and select from a variety of local artists to paint, sculpt or decorate them. Celebrity artists also paint and decorate guitars. 

Sponsors of GuitarMania 2012 include KeyBank and Fender.

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