Green Shoots of Reconstruction

greenshoots If you’re looking for signs of economic recovery, look no further then Waterloo in North Collinwood. If you haven’t check out the district recently featured in the NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal, there’s no better time then today (or the next few weeks) during Walk All Over Waterloo.

George Nemeth has commandeered the ArtsCollinwood Gallery for a fundraiser. Beginning tonight from 5-9PM until they make him take it down or everything is sold, you be able to see his collection of NEO artists such as Scott Radke, Dott Schnieder, Niko Angelis and others as well as debuting some of George’s own work. Did we mention George is throwing down his famous homemade pizzas? Well eating some of his killer ‘za cold. What goes well with that? Cold beers of course!

“My fellow board members and I have committed to raising $5K each. This is my way of connecting with my social network, eating some great food, talking, and making a real economic impact in North Collinwood.”

ArtsCollinwood is located at 15605 Waterloo Road Cleveland, Ohio 44110 and can be contacted at or 216.692.9500

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