GALLERY OPENING, October 1st, 2021, 5-8pm: God, Houses, y Automobiles

God, Houses, y Automobiles
Miguel Rivera-Vera
October 1 – November 13, 2021

Always at odds with the efficacy of language itself, Rivera-Vera distills his fondness for the safety of the past into light, image, and sound. His solo exhibition, God, Houses, y Automobiles, ruminates on distance, affection, and harmony, inviting its viewers to listen closely to the melodies that carry us through time and tragedy. This exhibition opens on Friday, October 1st at Waterloo Arts Gallery (15605 Waterloo Rd) between 5-8pm. Masks are encouraged inside the gallery. 

Following its opening, God, Houses, y Automobiles will be open to visit in-person on Saturdays from 11 am – 2 pm, during November’s Walk All Over Waterloo, and by appointment on weekdays until November 13th. To request an appointment, email or call 216.692.9500.

image credit to Sam Butler, 2021

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Miguel Rivera-Vera is a multi-disciplinary, visual artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Rivera-Vera works with music, video, and sculpture. He is nostalgic about his childhood and cultural background and romanticizes the feeling of loneliness. As a musician, he is inspired by dream pop and bedroom pop music to separate himself from reality, while referencing salsa and bolero music to ground him in reality. Rivera-Vera creates objects that reflect his personal past, and sets up installations to create a shared experience with his viewers. Nostalgia is created between images and the identity of someone’s past. Furthermore, objects are the image, while music is the identity. He hopes this shared experience with his viewers can become a lived experience.
IG: @miguels_r_us

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