Gallery show: Primal Cuts, paintings by Katy Richards

Opens Friday July 16

Opening Reception: 6-9pm wine and tapas reception.
Following: Karen Novak Benefit at the Beachland Ballroom: featuring Keelhaul/Cobra Verde / Jukebox Value / Flat Can Co. / DJ Mr. Fishtruck / Art Auction 7 – 9 PM . $7.00


My attraction to the flesh (the physicality of the human body as contrasted with the mind or soul) comes from my interest in the primordial urges that drive us to consume. The sensations that surround these primitive drives are what I aim to evoke. I want to arouse a sensual response: the feel, smell, and taste. I choose to paint meat because of its associations with the corporeal, and I connect the sensual experience of painting to that of the image I am depicting. I paint form photographs of still lifesI construct. I arrange and place the meat to allow it t be cropped and enlarged so the viewer can see its subtleties and focus on the tactility and physicality of both both the paint and the object.

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