Fifth Annual DayGlo Show

January 6 – February 12, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, January 6, 5-10PM

DayGlo a GoGo Dance Party, February 3

Each year, Waterloo Arts provides 40 regional artists with fluorescent paint to experiment with, courtesy of DayGlo Color Corporation, and the new work they create is presented at the Waterloo Arts Gallery in a unique black light exhibit. A variety of painting styles are represented as well as three dimensional work. If you are familiar with an artists work, it is fascinating to see how the fluorescent paint and black light adds a new dimension to the work. The show free to the public and all ages are welcome.

This years DayGlo exhibit opens during January’s Walk All Over Waterloo so bring your friends and explore the other gallery openings, shops and live music, up and down Waterloo. During February’s Walk All Over Waterloo, Waterloo Arts will host a black light dance party featuring DayGlo face painting, DayGlo hairspray, DayGlo crafts, and glowing cocktails.

Image: Douglas Max Utter “Day-Glo Sunbather” (2016) 20″ x 24″


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