a long, vertical painting of swathing, scratchy lime greens, aqua blues, bubblegum pinks, and plaster whites

EXHIBITION OPENING, April 1st, 2022, 6-9pm: “It Tastes Like Cotton Candy”

It Tastes Like Cotton Candy
Jordi Rowe
April 1 – April 30, 2022
in the Waterloo Arts Cafe

It Tastes Like Cotton Candy seeks to provide breathing room in today’s hectic world by alluding to the choices of a simpler time, when choosing and eating too much candy was a potential worst outcome. During these last few years, Jordi Rowe has sought solace from the effects of the pandemic by creating safe spaces through painting. These large-scale vistas in candy colors, reminds viewers that even small decisions, like choosing a candy, begins in us. In contemplating the work, the point drives home that self-care, like candy choice, rests solely in our hands. […]”

*This exhibition was organized in partnership with Jordi Rowe and the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) as part of the CIA Creativity Works program, supported by the Fenn Educational Fund and the G.R. Lincoln Family Foundation.

It Tastes Like Cotton Candy opens on Friday, April 1st between 6-9pm in the Waterloo Arts Cafe (accessible through the main gallery at 15605 Waterloo Rd). Following its opening, It Tastes Like Cotton Candy will be open to visit on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 12pm-4pm, and by appointment on weekdays until April 30th. To confirm your accommodations, email gallery@waterlooarts.org or call 216.692.9500. Masks are encouraged inside the gallery. 

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Jordi Rowe is a painter in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Born in Canada, she began painting in junior high school and carried on through years of education.  With a degree in medicine she heals her soul, and balances her energy with painting. Her work focuses on nature, both portrayed in still life and landscape, creating spaces and focusing on approaching the sublime.

IG: @j.jrowe

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