Chelsea Jane Crowell at Arts Collinwood-a Beachland Ballroom Production

Join Arts Collinwood on Saturday, March 31st at 7:30pm for a concert by Chelsea Crowell, a third generation songwriter, raised in both Nashville, TN and New York City just completed her second solo album Crystal City. She has been featured on NPR’s radio program, All Things Considered as well as a filmed live performance for a PBS documentary about southern roots music, featured on movie soundtracks and ever recording new material. She has Played to audiences of 7,000 as well as seven and Ms. Crowell seems to glide between the two worlds with ease. Crowell’s first solo record was named top ten of the year by the Nashville Scene, and though never fully promoted, gained nods from such publications as the L.A. Times and No Depression. Her ability to acclimate to any situation, yet silence a crowd with a nod of the head suggests she comes by her talents both by hard work and bloodlines. Introspective, heartfelt, humorous and humble, Crowell forges her own cross over sound. As she emerges from the daunting shadows of her family (father, Rodney Crowell, Mother; Rosanne Cash and Grandfather; Johnny Cash) and with the completion of the already acclaimed album Crystal City, she begins touring, starting in europe mid October. Her talent and her ability to acclimate suggest half nature (the familial DNA) and half nurture (growing up on tour busses) and certainly will serve her as she embarks on what inevitably is a successful, life long career.  To purchase tickets visit

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