Call for Artists-Request for Proposals for Art in the Tower

Request for Proposals

Northeast Shores Development Corporation, in partnership with Arts Collinwood, Cleveland Public Art and the City of Cleveland, is requesting proposals from qualified artists for a temporary artwork installation for the Waterloo Tower Revolving Art Program.

History of the Waterloo Tower and the Revolving Art Program

The Waterloo Tower is a three-story stainless steel structure, which sits on a grassy triangle on the corner of E. 156th St and Waterloo Rd in the North Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland. Northeast Shores Development Corporation built the Tower in 2010 in partnership with The City of Cleveland, with support from Councilman Michael D. Polensek and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. The design of the Tower was a collaboration of artist, Christopher Diehl, and the fabricator, Mike Moritz of Moritz Wood & Metal.

Prior to it being built, 50 local residents met at Arts Collinwood Gallery to discuss a plan for the Tower and suggested it should be used as a framework for changing public art and should have a stage for performing art such as concerts, poetry readings and plays. Hence, the Waterloo Tower Revolving Public Art Program was started, which oversees the changing art installations that are housed in or in some way incorporate the Tower.

Christopher Diehl, artist from dielio inc, provides some history regarding the philosophy behind the creation of the Tower concept. “The large area of asphalt intersection at E. 156th and Waterloo streets was created in order to turn street trolleys around. The trolleys served this vibrant working class neighborhood and they, in turn, served the Collinwood rail yards. Visitors also poured onto Waterloo in order to spend the day at the Euclid Beach Park Amusement park just north off of Lake Shore Blvd. After the trolley service ended, the amusement park closed and I-90 cut the Waterloo neighborhood off from the rail yards. This intersection became a large and ungainly place for cars and trucks to pass through and a hazard for the unwary pedestrian.

“The Waterloo placemaking Tower stakes a flag, of sorts, to reclaim that area as a new civic heart for this reawakening district now reprogrammed for the visual and entertainment arts. The tower will act as the centerpiece of the new pedestrian-friendly plaza next to Arts Collinwood Gallery and the Cafe at Arts Collinwood. As such, the raw stainless steel structure will become a site for temporary public art installations and live music performances. Like the neighborhood around it, it becomes the container to house and display the incredible talent and gifts of the Waterloo community.


The complete, all-inclusive budget for the program is $3,000, which must include installation fees, artist fees and material cost. If you have an idea and would like help seeking out material donations, please let us know and we will try to provide assistance depending on the nature of the need.

Artwork Requirements

The artwork should be designed to remain in place for up to 7 months. Artwork must be designed to require minimal or no maintenance. All maintenance requirements that cannot be met by the artist must be worked out in advance.

Artwork must be affixed to the tower in a safe manner and designed to withstand stormy weather, including high winds and heavy snow. Artworks consisting of other than soft material may require the approval of a structural engineer.

Please see the attached specification drawings of the Tower. The eyebolts pictured can be used as possible mounting hardware and will be provided if needed.

Submission Requirements

Submissions should contain as much information as necessary to clearly convey the concept and may include drawings, renderings, or other visual or written devices. Artist identification information should be on the back of the submission and thus out of the view of those who will be evaluating the proposals.

Submissions must arrive at Arts Collinwood no later than 10 p.m. on Friday, November 18th. Proposals may be emailed to or delivered/mailed to: Arts Collinwood, 15605 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110.

The competition is open to all artists 18 years or older. Collinwood artists are especially encouraged to apply.

Due to the limited budget, time constraints, and the challenging installation space, it is suggested that the installations proposed, be simple in nature.

Selection Process

Entries will be judged by an independent panel of neighborhood stakeholders and art and design professionals. Interested artists are encouraged to visit the park in advance of developing their proposals.

Questions can be directed to Amy Callahan at Arts Collinwood: 216-692-9500 or

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