Call for Artists from Shoparooni and the Beachland

Appreciation Night For The Mother Ship November 20

The artists and merchants of Waterloo invite artists to donate work for a Beachland Ballroom Appreciation Night on November 20. Donated pieces will be displayed in Waterloo stores and galleries, with bags for depositing purchased tickets. To contribute in any way, contact Debbie Gulyas (Blue Arrow Records and This Way Out) at, or Jerry Schmidt (Waterloo 7 and Wunderkind) at

The Shoparooni Art Bomb (December 4 – January 1)

Shoparooni is looking for giftable art and handcraft from local designers and artists. The work will be shown in a gallery setting, but this is not a gallery show. No one will be giving your life-size self-portrait to granny for Christmas (not for Chanukah, either); Shoparooni is looking for jewelry, clothing, prints, ceramics, candles, soaps, plush, knits, bags, stencil art, reclaimed vintage, and other handmade or small run goods. Get more info and keep up to date on the shop’s event page

A few guidelines: Stuff looks better when there’s lots of it. Don’t bring only one or two of anything. Feel free to help set up your display – Marlee and her crew aim to promote artists as well as sales. Holiday shopping during a recession is hard — the under $10 and under $20 pieces are everyone’s best friend. If you submit product photos with your pieces, it will make Shoparooni smile, and they’ll be able to list it on their website!

Shoparooni, 15813 Waterloo Road,, 216-383-3633

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