Bring Your Holiday Shindig to Waterloo!

If you’re the party planner for your – workplace, family, friends – we have exactly what you need to make this year’s celebration different.  Several Waterloo businesses are inviting you to party at their place. Take the credit for planning the most creative, most fun, hippest holiday party your group has ever attended!

  • Make holiday art with a kids’ party in the Arts Collinwood community center.
  • Chill at Low Life Gallery for private gathering with a graffitti demonstration.
  • Rock out with closed-door discounted shopping where you pick the playlist at Music Saves.
  • Throw a puppet-making party or retro video game tournament at Star Pop.
  • Go behind the scenes at Azure Stained Glass Studios to follow the artistic process from design to installation.
  • Purchase wine/beer/food at the Beachland or Arts Collinwood Cafe to take to your event to support Waterloo even further

For $50 per hour*, you’ve got plenty of options with new ones are being added every day. You can stay at your favorite Waterloo location OR you can plan a progressive party spending an hour at each.

Call 216.692.9500 to have an Arts Collinwood Rep contact you with more information.

*Two hour minimum per planned party
** Reservations based on availability
***Some spaces limit party size to 30 people or less

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