Artist Talk: Mike Meier on Saturday, May 1st @ 5pm

Join us on Zoom on Saturday, May 1st as Mike Meier speaks about his studio practice and his exhibition, TGIF. Following the presentation, the audience will be invited to engage the artist in Q&A.

A collection of new works, drawings, and preliminary ideations engaged with violence and fetishism, including Character designs, world building, narratives, allegories, and unfinished thoughts, Paintings, and Drawings. Gore, Science fiction, Comedy, Cartoons, and Horror commingle in an imagination of the schizophrenic American psyche. The work on display features an analysis of popular culture, contemporary and historical American social discourse, Art History, interior conflict, and entertainment – Stuck in a coma that’s haunted by our violent past.

TGIF will remain on view at Waterloo Arts Gallery until May 15th, 2021. The exhibit will be open to visit in-person on Saturdays from 10-1 pm, and by appointment on weekdays. To request an appointment, email or call 216.692.9500. 

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