Artist Talk & May Walk All Over Waterloo: Friday, May 6th at 6:30 PM

Lane Cooper Artist Talk

Professional Artist and CIA Painting Chair, Lane Cooper will be hosting an artist talk at Waterloo Arts’ gallery during the May, Walk All Over Waterloo event. Lane Cooper’s talk will touch on her return to painting, the importance of the female presence in her artwork as well as the blurred area between our waking states and dream states.

“I am interested as well in a number of other things that are here tied together. One is the idea of liminality- an ever fluctuating sense of reality that puts us always on the threshold between dream and wakefulness. This one idea underwrites all of my work. The understanding that all experience is filtered through perception and that consequently the quality of reality becomes unmoored. As well this show is a celebration of a broader sense of sisterhood. Many, most, of the works in this show depict women.  They are a testament to the steel and tenacity of the women of my life  (most especially my own sister)”.

-Lane Cooper

Waterloo Arts is located at 15605 Waterloo Road at the corner of E 156th Street and Waterloo Road. Please note that this artist talk was originally listed at an earlier time on the printed show card, but will take place promptly at 6:30pm.

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