Art Exchange! A Great Idea at Waterloo 7

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Beth and Roger Miller are hosting an art exchange at the Waterloo 7 Studio & Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio at 7pm on Saturday, August 1st. Yes, we know that most of you probably aren’t in Cleveland, but we’re telling you about it anyway because it’s like, the coolest idea ever.

And you’re going to want to do it, too.

Two or three times per year, Beth and Roger, who are both artists, pick a theme and send out an e-mail blast to all their artsy friends, inviting them to create a piece that follows the theme and bring it to the art exchange party. We chatted with them about the event and how it all came about.

“Basically, about 15 years ago, Roger realized that he was surrounded by really creative and artistic friends, but had none of their art on his walls,” says Beth. “It works like this; bring an original piece of artwork of your own creation following the theme” … “Each piece of art should be covered or wrapped in some way, so that whomever is choosing it cannot tell what it is. Each artist who brings work gets the opportunity to choose a covered piece of original artwork to unwrap in front of the group and take home.”

Pretty neat, right? More from their e-mail blast: “New artists are encouraged to participate. However, if you would prefer to just experience the event, please come and meet some of Cleveland’s top artists, movie makers, special effects artists, photographers and writers.”

The parties, which they used to hold in their home, have attracted so many participants that they’ve moved the event to an art gallery. “The idea to hold the Exchange in a gallery or larger venue has been simmering for awhile,” says Beth. “Both Roger and I want the local art scene to grow, but also to be united. This seems a great way to get artists to see and hold each other’s work, to inspire each other and to communicate with each other.”

How awesome is that? Answer: Very.

If you are in the Cleveland area and would like to attend, or would just like to get in touch with the Millers — perhaps you’re interested in holding an art exchange in your own town — you can contact them at artexchange_miller at

Photos (both  past art exchange) courtesty of Beth and Roger Miller.

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