After School in the New Arts Center


On Tuesdays, children’s classes in CAPOEIRA, the lively Brazilian combo of dance and martial arts, plus percussion. Want your kids to come home tired and happy? Sign them up for capoeira. A peek round the door revealed focused little girls solemnly following the teacher’s every move.

On Thursdays, a range of VISUAL ARTS, from drawing, painting and printmaking to pottery and sculpture, in a program designed to teach kids to think creatively.

The after-school classes are free to qualified youngsters, recommended for ages eight to twelve. Call 216-692-9500 for information on all Art Center classes.

Thursdays, ongoing: Arts Collinwood Community Arts Center, try your hand at the weekly LIFE DRAWING session every Thurs evening from 7:15-9:30.  Pay as you go, only $8/$6 for students.