The Plain Dealer’s Tony Brown writes about the new Waterloo Cafe

Have you visited the new cafe in the Arts Collinwood building? The Grand Opening is not until June 27, but already the buzz is spreading about the new business on Waterloo!

Read the full article here! Here’s an excerpt…

North Collinwood‘s Waterloo arts district has a lot going for it — the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, of course, along with a growing number of galleries, studios and funky retailers.

All of which recently attracted the attention of the country’s second-largest-circulation daily newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, which did a full-page spread.

But there was, North Collinwood resident Frank Revy thought, something missing.

So on May 1, Revy, in cooperation with the Arts Collinwood nonprofit that owns the building, opened the Waterloo Cafe on the district’s most prominent crossroads in hopes of providing Waterlooeans and visitors an upscale but old-school eating, drinking and gathering place.

The Waterloo Cafe is at 15601 Waterloo Road, Cleveland. Visit