Black Cat Lost: Thursday October 24th, 8PM

Obie Award-winning Erin Courtney’s Black Cat Lost is a unique play that incorporates elements of audience participation. It’s the latest production from Northeast Ohio’s Theater Ninjas, and their first endeavor since their four month partnership with the Cleveland Museum of Art this Spring.

Black Cat Lost is both intimate and inviting. This is accomplished with a combination of a small cast and incorporating moments encouraging/requiring audience participation. Each unique performance will be shaped by the audience’s own thoughts, memories and voices, as well as the individual characteristics of each venue. This multimedia production also utilizes Zen poetry, silent film imagery, fiction and memoirs that evoke both individual and collective themes.

Each evening will feature a ten-minute opening performance called The Refrain — a theatre piece originally created in 2011 by Director Jeremy Paul and starring Tania Benites, and Black Cat’s Ray Caspio and Sarah Moore. The Refrain is a highly rhythmical sequence of movement and voices — a pseudo “opening band” for Black Cat Lost.

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