Our 2011 Gallery Season opens Friday, January 7

Image / Object / Material:  Recent Works by Christi and Jerry Birchfield

Exhibition Dates: Friday, January 7 – Sunday, February 6

Opening Reception: Friday, January 7 6pm-9pm

After Concert: ART DE ROCKUS Concert Series #1

Featuring Jukebox Value, User, and Madame and the Moist Towelettes

Both events are FREE and Open to the Public

Sister and Brother duo – Christi and Jerry Birchfield come together for an exhibit of recent work. While practicing different mediums, both artists are attracted to process as a layer of motivation within a particular piece. Jerry, the photographer, deals with the idea of conceptual space, imagined geometry and meta-lines (you could say that the photographs exist within the realm of 2-d constructions, sculpture even). Jerry’s work toils with the language of photography and a systematic approach to drawing within the digital realm.

Christi is even harder to pin down, working in a variety of mediums whose foundation is Printmaking (but don’t take our word for it). Christi’s de-construction(s) play with the idea of decay, the beauty and color that come from nature, and then subverts the very object by obscuring its birth. Christi’s work addresses issues relating to printmaking’s role in the current painting conversation. We’d like to think this exhibit will go down as one of our most beautiful and challenging to date.

Here is what the artist’s say about their work and process:

As Morris Louis chose to pour paint onto canvas as opposed to using brushes, or as Sol Lewitt created specific rules by which he or others could make drawings, Christi and Jerry look to these modes as (controller) of process as well as surrender to process to make images. The Birchfield’s depend on tools to create distance between themselves and their work. As light reacts and morphs inside a camera, or as objects become imbedded into paper via the pressure of an etching press, tools become another participant in the process. Their influences range from Malevich’s White on White, to Kosuth’s idea of a chair, as well as surrealist techniques for drawing.  Be it flowers, ink, or film, as material, one thing is for sure, paper is the substrate, and besides that, the rest is left to random rules and serious play.

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For more information about Christi and Jerry Birchfield please visit http://www.christibirchfield.com and http://www.jerrybirchfield.com

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