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Call for Artists from Shoparooni and the Beachland

Appreciation Night For The Mother Ship November 20 The artists and merchants of Waterloo invite artists to donate work for a Beachland Ballroom Appreciation Night on November 20. Donated pieces will be displayed in Waterloo stores and galleries, with bags for depositing purchased tickets. To contribute in any way, contact Debbie Gulyas (Blue Arrow Records […]


Another Dumm Art Show?

There’s a place in Cleveland where cats of bizarre geometries hang with politicians, zombies, musicians and other singular characters (including the writer/creator of American Splendor, Harvey Pekar). Gary and Laura Dumm have depicted all these beings and more in pen & ink and paint in their two-person art show at Arts Collinwood Gallery, 15605 Waterloo […]


Randall Tiedman and Douglas Max Utter

Randall Tiedman and Douglas Max Utter, 1987-2009. September 11- October 3, 2009.