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Waterloo Arts Fest FAQs
When is the Waterloo Arts Fest?
Always the last Saturday in June, which is June 27th this year. The event takes place from Noon-7 pm


UPDATED April 23, 2020 – It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to let you know we will not be holding the Waterloo Arts Fest on June 27 as we had hoped and, at this point, we have not determined if the event will be rescheduled. There are new developments each week as the pandemic unfolds and recently there is discussion about how Ohio will ease the stay-at-home order, but even in the best case scenario, the nature of the festival poses public safety challenges we cannot overcome by the end of June. It is unclear whether the free-flowing crowd and hands-on activities of the festival will even be possible by next fall or winter, but if we are not able to reschedule, we hope to have other opportunities for artists this year because we know that, in addition to community benefit, the festival provides income for participants who have been affected by numerous cancellations. As I have more information I will share it.

For the past 18 years, people like you have come together for this event and helped to build a strong sense of community for Collinwood residents and a joyful experience for all festival attendees. We are grateful for the talent, ingenuity and good will that so many artists, musicians, community groups, small businesses and volunteers have contributed over the years to this annual celebration and we look forward to the time we can come together again. Until then, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.


Amy Callahan
Executive Director
Waterloo Arts

Where does the event take place and how do you get there?
The Waterloo Arts Fest takes place in the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District of North Collinwood, which is in the northeast corner of the city. Festival stretches ½ mile on Waterloo Rd from Calcutta to E 161st Street.

Why should someone come to the Waterloo Arts Fest?
The Waterloo Arts District is home to the Beachland Ballroom and a plethora of art studios, galleries, shops and eateries. For those curious about this lakeside creative community, the Waterloo Arts Fest is the perfect time to visit and see why so many artists and art lovers are eager to live and work here.

How much does it cost?
There is no fee to enter the event and enjoy the many stages of music and interactive art activities for all ages and street performers. A variety of food and drink is available for purchase from area vendors, food trucks and district venues and visitors will enjoy shopping from local artists and merchants.

What can they expect to see and do at the event?
During the festival we want people to feel like they are on a lively city street in their favorite metropolis. Some of the things you can expect are:

10 stages: Mulitple festival and venue stages with bands playing an eclectic mix of music from polka to hip hop. There is something for everyone!

Street Performers: Stilt Walkers, magicians, giant puppets, and aerial performers

Art and Food Vendors: Vendors selling original work and local nosh.

Art Activities for All Ages: You can roll up your sleeves and give art a try with many artist led activities and demonstrations – weaving, ceramics, painting, paper making, etc. We like to have open-ended creative activities where visitors can experiment with new materials and artistic techniques.

Fine Art Exhibit: The Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibit will be on view in three galleries throughout the event as well as other exhibits in other galleries in the district.

What makes the Waterloo Arts Fest special?
The people that come to the event are what make it special. There are always a great mix of people at the event and they come with a great attitude so you feel like you are welcomed into a community when you get there.




Saturday, June 27, 2020 / Noon to 7:00pm
Waterloo Arts & Entertainment District

(Cleveland on Waterloo Rd between E.161st St and Calcutta Ave)

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