Program Assistant Needed

Program Assistant
Round Robin Arts Education Program
Part-time, seasonal position

Seeking a spirited Program Assistant for the Round Robin Arts Education Program. In this free after school program, students in first to eighth grade will learn artmaking, movement, and mindfulness techniques while exploring the diverse artistic resources of the Waterloo Arts District in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland. Each week, the students will visit a studio space or arts-related business in the neighborhood and engage in artmaking workshops and conversations about art and the community. Movement and mindfulness practices, including yoga and dance, are integrated into the structure of the program. The Program Assistant will work primarily with the Program Manager and is responsible for working directly with students and the instructors in each studio. The Program Assistant will complete program evaluations to be submitted for grant review.

The Program Assistant must be enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to helping to build the program. As the Round Robin Arts Education Program is in its inaugural season, the Program Assistant will be expected to contribute ideas to further the program in subsequent years.

Prior experience working with students in the age group of first grade to eighth grade.
Knowledge of the visual arts, movement practices, mindfulness.
Preference given to candidates who have the capacity and interest to continue working on the program in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

The Program runs from Tuesday, March 31st to Thursday, May 28th.
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 2:00PM – 7:00PM. Additional prep time may be required.
Pay: $15/hour

Submission instructions:
Send a resume and 4-6 sentence answers to the following questions to Connie at Deadline is March 10, 2020 at 5PM EST.
1. What experience do you have working with children and students ages 6-14?
2. This position requires a lot of transitioning from one activity to the next. What qualities make you particularly suited to guiding a group of young students through activities after they’ve been at school all day?

Interviews will be conducted on March 11-13, and candidates will be notified of the decision on March 14.


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