Graffiti Writing: August 7-11


1 PM – 3:30 PM
5 sessions
Grades 9-12
Instructor: Chris Pokes
Students interested in trying their hand at Graffiti will be introduced to the styles, materials, history, and techniques of this controversial art form. Whether graffiti is criticized as vandalism or celebrated in galleries, leaving our mark on walls has been practiced from ancient times through today. Students will work on developing lettering styles and practice painting techniques with spray paint.

About the Artist: Chris Pokes has a BA in Fine Art and is a teacher and experienced graffiti and tattoo artist. Painting graffiti since 1991, he discovered the famous Cleveland Fun Wall – a legal graffiti spot of sorts on Cleveland’s westside. Pokes is the Co-Founder of the Blackhearts Collective and  a member of TKO (The Knight Owls) and TA (Thug Art) based in LA and Cincy, respectively. He is a former CSU Art student and educator and The East Cleveland City School District. He frequently participates in art shows in Cleveland and beyond with the belief of “Questioning Authority”.

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