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please share your experiences as a trans* individual or as a friend or family member of a trans* individual. this project is aimed at sharing real stories from the trans* community, in order to break down misconceptions and to further educate the public on gender in contemporary society. we hope for a more unified future, where members of the trans* community feel safe and accepted by peers.


***use the camera embedded above to record your story***

1) choose your recording method


use the camera on your computer to record your story

‘click’ UPLOAD A FILE to:

upload a pre-recorded file of you telling your story


use the camera on your phone to record your story

2) perfect your video

you can ACCEPT video, which will publish to our cameratag account for review

you can RE-RECORD video, which will let you record over video if you are unsatisfied

you can REVIEW RECORDING, before deciding if you are satisfied or not

3) publish your video

once you are satisfied with your story ‘click’ ACCEPT and your video will be sent to our cameratag account for review

*** your video will not automatically upload to our website. please be patient, only submit one video and wait a couple days for our approval. thanks***