Opportunities at Waterloo Arts

Summer Internship Opportunity

Waterloo Arts is seeking a summer intern to support the executive director in the day to day operations. This is an excellent position for someone looking to start a career in the nonprofit sector, but who is unsure of the area of expertise to pursue. At Waterloo Arts the intern will gain experience in event coordination, development and communications. This opportunity may turn into a paid position or may be utilized as a spring­board to pursue a career in programming, development or a support role. The majority of this position will entail providing administrative support to the E.D., but will also provide support during the organization and implementation of projects at the Waterloo Arts Festival on the last Saturday of June.

Application Process and Deadline: Send resume and a brief letter, no more than one page in length, describing your interest in this position and your future career goals to Amy Callahan at a.callahan@waterlooarts.org by the application deadline of Friday, May, 15 at 11:59 PM.


We need Volunteers! Check out the opportunities below and e-mail Amy Callahan at a.callahan@waterlooarts.org  if you are interested in helping!


Gallery Volunteers Needed

We have immediate need for volunteers to ‘baby-sit’ the Gallery.

Working Volunteers Needed

We really need just YOUR skills. None too old, few too young. We need drivers for field visits, helpers for classes and ushers for events. We also need envelope stuffers, messengers and clerical. Also sturdy souls for rehab work on our building. None too strong, few too weak. We have the tools — such as hammers and brooms.

Volunteer Recognition

Some volunteers we’d like recognize for the enormous contributions they’ve made to AC:

Nancy Prudic, who for many years served as a trustee and as Gallery Committee Chair, stepped down in 2008. We wish her every success with her expanded role at Lake Erie College.

Mike Mikula also has to defer his work with AC Gallery for his artwork, and we wish him the very best. Without him, we would never have created the Weekends on Waterloo Gallery Sale, and he’ll be much missed. Thanks to the work of these two seminal members, the Gallery has grown to be a recognized venue on Cleveland art scene.

Kathy Baker, who served for several years on the Arts Collinwood board.

Nan Kennedy, a founding member, has helped with every aspect of the organization from our inception. We owe her a huge vote of thanks for all the programs and events she initiated, supervised and otherwise inspired from our summer arts camp to the benefit for our new community center and everything in between.

Miles Kennedy, for contributions to the cause that went above and beyond. Miles has been a stalwart Arts Collinwood supporter from the very beginning, has literally helped to build this center. Arts Collinwood and the city of Cleveland lost an amazing supporter with his recent passing.